Insurgent [adjective]

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In conspiring to drive up the price of stocks, the insurgents made aggressive use of call options — contracts that give them the right to buy the stock over a certain period of time at a higher price from a broker who may not actually own the stock.

He said police and prosecutors will be “engaged for years” investigating and trying insurgents.

There was a time once when I was flying into Baghdad during the Iraq War, when, just before we left Kuwait, we had reports that insurgents were going to try and take down our plane as it came in.

Last Wednesday, many of us watched in horror and despair as insurgents stormed the US Capitol.

Lowe marched along with his father as the insurgents were rounded up, led through the streets and taken to be executed at Kilmainham Gaol.

These payoffs, they wrote, “exacerbated conflicts” and “bolstered support for insurgents.”

The insurgent troops were included in the above category, but their arms were restored to them on their leaving the city.

After the formal proclamation was issued the function terminated with a banquet given to 200 insurgent notabilities.

For several nights a certain insurgent lieutenant had tried to pass the Nebraska lines.

Groups of hundreds of non-combatants were hurrying off from the beleaguered insurgent capital.