Insurgents [noun]

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But the flight of the insurgents was too far advanced to rally them, and they retired south towards Pampanga.

The Polish insurgents surrendered to the Prussian troops, after great slaughter, at Posen.

Percy advanced through Annandale to Ayr, and, two or three days later, stood face to face with the insurgents near Irvine.

Battle of Shipton moor; prince Henry dispersed the 8,000 insurgents under Scroop, by seizing the persons of their leaders.

Americans were frequently insulted, called cowards, and openly menaced by the insurgents.

General Wheatonʼs brigade captured Malinta, and the insurgents fled panic-stricken after having suffered severely.

The whole party was captured by the insurgents, who were afterwards ordered to release them all.

As the Americans retreated, the insurgents crept up, aided by a mist, to within short range and fired another volley.

Scrambling up the bank, revolvers in hand, they reached the trenches just as the insurgents were hurriedly evacuating them.

On the other hand, for the first time, the insurgents ventured out into the open against the Americans.