Intaglios [noun]

Definition of Intaglios:

carving of letters or design into something

Synonyms of Intaglios:

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Sentence/Example of Intaglios:

But while sculpture in Egypt is for the most part in intaglio, in America it is usually in relief.

The intaglio work on this side is not equal to that in cameo, on the other.

The decoration was by stamps in the clay (intaglio) of a given subject repeated in the narrow bands around the body of the vase.

The machine for engraving a matrix in intaglio is operated in much the same manner as that for engraving a punch in relief.

However, Fig. 73 was made from a photograph of an intaglio lighted from the left.

The red silk that tied it was sealed with yellow wax, and bore the impression of a finely-cut intaglio.

Because of his great happiness the whole world seemed to him like some exquisite intaglio of which this day was the design.

The prince was smiling as he met her eyes; for the world was always the exquisite intaglio, and to-day was its design.

But Prince Tabnit was the last to note that, for he saw only Olivia; and the world—the world was an intaglio of his own designing.

John Burroughs was very violent against my intaglio; on the other hand, Alma Tadema—our great painter here—liked it very much.