Integument [noun]

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The integument is frequently covered with an acne-like eruption.

Useful in eczema and diseases of the integument where cell destruction is a prominent factor.

Even in cases of worms, the abdominal integument had to pay its blood-tribute, particularly if enteritis prevailed.

Under this slough appears the firm, chestnut-brown horn integument of the chrysalis.

When she moved or shrugged or laughed or turned to speak, their exquisite integument creased and rippled like shaken cream.

The dark integument of his eyes, brilliant as the metal disks which hung from his ears, gleamed with pride and icy hate.

On the ventral face of the integument covering these are two oval depressions, the rudimentary olfactory sacs.

In either instance the hardened integument constitutes what is known as the exo-skeleton.

The heart consists of an elongated tube, or a short sac, which lies directly under the integument of the back.

The internal ear is formed by an involution of the integument, and not by an outgrowth of the brain.