Intellection [noun]

Definition of Intellection:

feeling, idea

Synonyms of Intellection:

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Sentence/Example of Intellection:

In fact the process of intellection has to pass several stages from sense perception through imagination.

Intellect and intellection signify to the common ear consideration of abstract truth.

With the rising level of Faculty engendered by progressive evolution, woman's powers of intellection have developed too.

This, of course, is equivalent to postulating the cerebral cortex as the exclusive seat of higher intellection.

Nevertheless Intelligence possesses fulness and true intellection, because it immediately participates in the Good.

Since it is sensation that grasps sense-objects, it must likewise be thought, or intellection, that grasps intelligible objects.

Intellection would be movement or actualization on Aristotelian principles, vi.

His first theology is borrowed from this conjunction of invisible might and irrational intellection.

The Cartesians understood by this whatever is the object of thought, including an intellection as well as an imagination.

The motions of a frog deprived of its brain, show a certain amount of intellection and volition.