Intellectuality [noun]

Definition of Intellectuality:

capability of the mind; someone with capable mind

Synonyms of Intellectuality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intellectuality:

Sentence/Example of Intellectuality:

It is the development of character, the triumph of intellectuality and spirituality I have striven to express.'

Probably this is due to the long association of intellectuality and science with heresy.

Yet Mohammed was not of vigorous intellectuality, nor in any sense an original thinker.

The essence of the soul, as was said above, is not intellectuality, but love and desire; hence pain may destroy it.

All may not attain the same heights, but this shows that intellectuality is open to them without destroying spirituality.

Alice was not overburdened with intellectuality, and, like others of her sex, her heart was nothing like so soft as her bosom.

Characterised by that vigorous intellectuality which has marked his long life of literary and artistic activity.

He had a small foot and hand, and many marks of intellectuality.

This, of course, implies that it is impenetrable to the intellectuality or to vitality.

He appeared conspicuous neither for intellectuality nor spirituality.