Intellectually [adverb]

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Perlman previously worked at Classic Media, a private equity company that has intellectual property and film rights that’s now owned by DreamWorks Studios.

General relativity was an unprecedented intellectual feat—but it didn’t make everything relative, as Mach had dreamed.

She contrasts the intellectual output of private AI labs with that of pharmaceutical companies, for example, which invest billions in drugs and keep much of the work behind closed doors.

“He has been confined to the house, and he doesn’t understand why he can’t go to the places he usually goes,” said Kinney, adding that her son also has an intellectual disability.

The lifestyle Martin advocated for — renouncing the world and all its political and intellectual concerns — can seem outlandish and even irresponsible at a time when so much feels so urgent.

Each conversation promotes his intellectual and emotional development.

Antiquity mattered, Ricks suggests, because it formed the intellectual foundation for the revolutionary generation.

She would like to be in her own place with other people with intellectual disabilities — people like her, she said.

She has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and an intellectual disability.

Because Amy loves someone with an intellectual disability, she was determined throughout this project that her work would be for people with disabilities, not just about them.