Intellectuals [noun]

Definition of Intellectuals:

very smart person

Synonyms of Intellectuals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intellectuals:

Sentence/Example of Intellectuals:

From this I learned that "Intellectuals" is a name that weak men, crazed with envy, give to themselves.

Thereupon arose from somewhere or other certain so-called "intellectuals," who defended us in the name of their "ideas."

The labor party was decidedly unfortunate in its choice of intellectuals and "ideologists."

It is noteworthy that of all social reform movements of the forties Agrarianism alone was not initiated by the intellectuals.

It was encouraging a nasty class of intellectuals to interfere in the affairs of sound business men.

We need only turn our eyes eastward to see how such "intellectuals" will hail the revolution of the propertiless.

This is the great moral principle which governs the conscience of the Russian "intellectuals."

If only my great correspondent could have seen letters I received about this time from English alleged intellectuals!

The other plays and stories of this author give us pictures both of the petty "bourgeois" and of the "intellectuals."

There are two kinds of men: the wonderers and the doers; the feelers and the thinkers; the emotionals and the intellectuals.