Intelligently [adverb]

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These animals are intelligent enough to suffer emotionally from this destruction, but not intelligent enough to escape it.

So I think the idea that machines, if they become generally intelligent, needs to be like us is, as you know, is nonsense, is going out the window.

Of course, if your computer makes a recommendation, what you might do, you will think, “OK, some intelligent instance is there helping me.”

If he can’t, then for all practical purposes, the AI is intelligent.

Even before I wrote a word of the book, I was thinking about how the term references how women in tech are treated as not as intelligent as men.

In it, users nurtured a humanoid population from single-cell organisms to intelligent life, before creating institutions to safeguard them.

Your Special Forces operators of today are intelligent people.

The startup provides software that helps businesses schedule their hourly workforce in a more intelligent manner.

The theory is that, like us, other intelligent species are perhaps broadcasting radio signals with the distinctly “unnatural” signature of a technological civilization.

I could make the argument that those people don’t appear very evolutionarily intelligent to me.