Intelligentsia [noun]

Definition of Intelligentsia:

very smart person

Synonyms of Intelligentsia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intelligentsia:

Sentence/Example of Intelligentsia:

Since 1912 that misguided intelligentsia has been given a large store of fresh ammunition.

They will go on firing and firing, while the people, including the real intelligentsia, will be better engaged.

As a matter of fact it was the Trentino intelligentsia which looked forward to annexation, and not, as a class, the peasants.

The intelligentsia in China has a very peculiar position, unlike that which it has in any other country.

It is science that makes the difference between our intellectual outlook and that of the Chinese intelligentsia.

This work greatly influenced the young Intelligentsia, but the immediate results among the peasants were not very encouraging.

"The Bolsheviks at first thought they could manage without the intelligentsia, without the experts," Kautsky narrates to us.

The life-style and aspirations of the intelligentsia are those of an industrial middle class.

The intelligentsia rushed to the rescue with highbrow hue and cry.

But the Balkan has no intelligentsia in the Russian or even American sense.