Intelligibility [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Intelligibility:

(From the above discussion about the intelligibility of numbers) let us now return to what we said in the beginning.

His chief aim in writing was plainness and intelligibility, but his want of order and logical precision thwarted his purpose.

Whether this be an invention or not, it well characterizes his easy intelligibility.

To attain scholarly accuracy combined with practical intelligibility was, then, the task of the translator.

The instruction at school was out of date, inasmuch as, in every branch, it lacked intelligibility.

The all-luminous intelligibility of the universe is the all-sufficient proof of the intelligence of the cause that produced it.

Intelligibility depends much upon getting the syllables exactly under or over the notes to which they are to be sung.

Nature, and human nature took on an intelligibility which they never had had under the older philosophy.

Immediate intelligibility seems to require greater perfection than intelligence.

On the one hand he conceives an antipathy to a subject so lacking in intelligibility and utility.