Intelligible [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Intelligible:

For about a century all Congress had to do was pass a law that gave agencies an “intelligible principle” to use when they filled out the details.

Notice how converting to micromorts expresses the risk in an emotionally intelligible way.

The matron expressed her entire concurrence in this intelligible simile, and the beadle went on.

These words represent nothing; they describe nothing; but a gesture makes them intelligible.

A correct appreciation of these various 'movements' of the Complaint makes the poem much more intelligible.

I wish to present what is ascertained and intelligible rather than what is ingenious and obscure.

He remained in this condition for twenty-seven hours, and during that time his speech was indistinct but intelligible.

Lucian attaches an intelligible meaning to these flippant expletives, and represents Socrates as justifying their use.

Professor Berkley's definition, besides being scientifically exact, is popularly intelligible.

Less intelligible is the existing diversity of policy of the Central Authority in 1907 with regard to able-bodied women.