Intemperate [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Intemperate:

But Griffith was not so intemperate as most squires; he could always mount the stairs to tea, and generally without staggering.

And yet the older artist's natural disposition was congenial to that of the younger one, only intemperate habits had vitiated it.

With my temper and some of my associations, intemperate profanity's been the easiest thing in the world to fall into.

Not so in the interior of the country, where the whites are remarkable for intemperate drinking.

She expressed the most poignant anguish for having indulged such unjust suspicions and intemperate passions.

The chief pleasures were those of the chase,--hunting and hawking,--and intemperate feasts.

Intemperate lover, of the ancient pattern, that he was, his aim to win the woman acknowledged no obstacle in the means.

We may see his dark hand in the strifes of society, supplying the burning fuel to intemperate passions and discordant societies.

A far more trying ordeal the artist had to undergo in the intemperate rhapsodies of enthusiastic admirers.

The victims of emotional hurricanes, "brainstorms," neurotic excess, and intemperate desire are legion.