Intending [verb]

Definition of Intending:

have in mind; determine

Synonyms of Intending:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intending:

Sentence/Example of Intending:

John is called out at a festive gathering, and springs to his feet really intending to be clever.

Walking forth, he strolled down the road towards Calne, intending to ask a question or two of the surgeon.

On the 8th of August, Mr. Agassiz set out with a friend, intending to return the same evening.

On the contrary, he lounged into the garden intending to enter the study by the window, which he knew to be open.

The others eagerly crowded forward, intending 25 to miss not one word.

Isabel nodded and started up Stockton Street alone, intending to take the first car that led in her sister's direction.

In the second place, I want to tell you that we blew up your cave without intending to do more than burn some of the things in it.

This feeling became so strong that at last I rose, intending to take something to quiet myself.

Being a little chillish, intending to take physique to-morrow morning.

He travelled at the rear of the conspirators as far as Vendome, intending to support them in case of their success.