Intensively [adverb]

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If you’re in an innovative sector that is labor-intensive and your employees are unhappy, they’re going to go to a competitor, and you’re going to lose your advantage.

On her Thursday night broadcast, Maddow noted the rising number of hospitalizations, which have strained hospital staff and caused a shortage of beds inside the intensive care units treating seriously ill covid-19 patients.

It was April, and coronavirus cases flooded the New York City hospital where she is an intensive care nurse.

However, she requested that my husband help her with some labor-intensive jobs.

However, labor-intensive value chains such as apparel are vulnerable to pandemics, heat stress, and flood risk.

That number is still too high, though—enough to stress intensive-care facilities in many parts of the country.

There’s another great paper that looks at the effects of an intensive, months-long management intervention in a textile factory in India.

Other more precise methods for determining spiciness are time-intensive and involve expensive equipment, making the methods unsuitable for a quick answer.

The Steelers have been in the NFL’s intensive protocols this week for teams that have a positive coronavirus case or have been exposed to the virus.

In March and April, when the novel coronavirus was tearing through metropolitan areas of the US and hospitals were largely unprepared for the surge of infections, death rates for people in intensive care were as high as 25 percent.