Intentional [adjective]

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Elizabeth Hamon Reid, 39VP engineering, Google GeoThe biggest change that I’ve made as a result of the pandemic is that I have to be more intentional in a number of areas.

This intentional, early morning quiet time, while often hard to carve out with two young kids at home, sets the tone for the day and makes me a better wife, mom, leader, and investor.

These racial disparities, along with evidence suggesting intentional discrimination, erode the community trust that is critical to effective policing.

We offer the flexibility to live and work from wherever you want, in nature or in the city, changing locations whenever you want, but at the same time being part of an intentional community.

As Alexandra Rojas, executive director of Justice Democrats, told HuffPost, “We’ve been intentional about building infrastructure and an ecosystem that can take on decades worth of the establishment’s.”

These were California’s first intentional but unplanned outages in nearly two decades, enacted in the last moments as reserves ran short to prevent a cascading series of failures across the system.

You can also be intentional with your money about supporting racial justice and closing the wealth gap.

These intentional DNA typos were what brought down the toxin’s victims.

He loathed himself for submitting to her cruelty, for it was intentional cruelty—she made him writhe and suffer of set purpose.

The term malice means something more than "the intentional doing of a wrongful act to the injury of another without legal excuse."