Interactions [noun]

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Deserts are natural laboratories in which to study the interactions of wind and sometimes water on the arid surfaces of planets.

Despite mitigative regulations in 1979, observers noted that whale-vessel interactions continued at substantial frequencies.

All classes of vessels were not implicated equally in the increased level of interactions which occurred in 1978.

They are interactions of elements contributed by the make-up of an individual with elements supplied by the out-door world.

When nature was regarded as a set of mechanical interactions, it apparently lost all meaning and purpose.

Examples of complex interactions in health—Interference, and tendencies to ill-health.

Experience is in truth a matter of activities, instinctive and impulsive, in their interactions with things.

All interactions, being with its own kind, were reciprocal and obedient to a single set of calculable laws.

But could there not exist some sort of complicated interactions amongst the parts of the harmonious system themselves?

This present essay is occupied by the consideration of the necessity of limiting material interactions in past time.