Interbreeding [noun]

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Amalgamation is a biological process, the fusion of races by interbreeding and intermarriage.

In other respects there is little difference between goats and sheep, and by interbreeding they produce a fertile offspring.

Forsyth doubts their interbreeding with the domestic race, but I see no reason for this.

From about 1855 to 1880 much was written about the effect of consanguineal interbreeding.

There is no variation of the social monotony, and the result is socially the same as close consanguineal interbreeding.

This number is noticeably increased if in consequence of interbreeding a fusion of related idioplasms take place.

He assumed that a great number of independent new species had originated by the interbreeding of two different species.

This has resulted in interbreeding between the wild caribou and their inferior domesticated relatives.

It is probable that muticus and calvatus would be capable of interbreeding if they were not spatially isolated.

The interbreeding is too slow at present to be conspicuous, and hence its effects are little noticed.