Intercede [verb]

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That they really hear our prayer and intercede with God for us is clearly shown by many examples in Holy Scripture.

I know his good nature, but if he hesitates you must intercede, or help me some way or other.

In vain did the women and children of the house intercede for his life, and praise his amiable and virtuous qualities.

For the truth at one glance assured me, that if the queen refused assistance, who would dare to intercede for me?

"I think I can intercede with Mr. Regulus to release you," said Mrs. Linwood.

So long as He sits at the right hand of God to intercede for us, we have nothing to fear from the anger of God.

May Mihangel intercede for me that these may be mingled in one cup; let the door between body and soul be thrown open.

My answer was a strong solicitation in favor of Palissot, begging M. de Tressan to intercede with the king in his behalf.

The idea was that he should rather make up to her, and then intercede on my behalf, or get the money out of her in some way.

Whence it would seem superfluous to make the Saints mediators between ourselves and God, and so ask them to intercede for us.