Intercept [verb]

Definition of Intercept:

head off; interrupt

Synonyms of Intercept:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intercept:

Sentence/Example of Intercept:

With scarcely a point to intercept the view, after being thirteen miles within it.

He at once set out to try and intercept his advance on Paris, but his troops refused to act against their former leader.

Carna changed her course to parallel the pursuit, and they changed again, to intercept her new direction.

Only once I saw a neighbour, in the balcony below, intercept the post, and I believe substitute some other letter.

The river below Wroxham is very narrow and very sinuous; its banks lined with groves of trees which intercept the wind.

In looking ahead the pillars of the nave constantly intercept their vision if they care about seeing who is reading or preaching.

The cause of the scorching heat is said to be high, overhanging mountains on the north, which intercept the northern winds.

General Airey had seen these arabas, and applied to Colonel Lysons to know if he should not intercept them.

Thou wilt have to traverse a rebellious country, invaded by Tartars, whose interest it will be to intercept this letter.

The bell whose circuit remains unchanged will intercept the current for the other bell in series with it.