Intercepted [verb]

Definition of Intercepted:

head off; interrupt

Synonyms of Intercepted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intercepted:

Sentence/Example of Intercepted:

To our left lay a number of mountainous islands, which completely intercepted our view of Sumatra.

A French fleet would run great risk of being intercepted and destroyed by the squadrons of England and Holland.

As she turned toward the path, Hermit Joe advanced so that he intercepted her.

The latter gave way and fled, at first westward, but being intercepted, they turned towards the town.

He preached in a big meeting-house, now no more, the pillars of which intercepted alike the view and the sound.

Allardyce intercepted a pass when about ten minutes of play remained, and ran through to the back.

Intercepted letters between Fuentes and Grimaldi proved that a treaty had been signed between them on August 15.

Pitt took the same ground as before, and declared that his opinion had been strengthened by one of Grimaldi's intercepted letters.

Now at the door of the tent he was intercepted by Jem, very red in the face, partly with brandy, partly with rage.

And that is the naked truth concerning this celebrated Intercepted Letter.