Interchangeable [adjective]

Definition of Interchangeable:

identical, transposable

Synonyms of Interchangeable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interchangeable:

Sentence/Example of Interchangeable:

They come in two muscular structures, with interchangeable hands and feet, and even accessories like guns and knives.

The final d is also omitted by illiterate speakers; Usted is pronounced Uste, and even de becomes e. B and v are interchangeable.

The terms "clan," "gens," and "phratry" are by them used with bewildering inconsistency, and are often interchangeable.

To manufacture watches in quantity it was imperative that the parts be interchangeable.

As in the case of the merchant who refused to pay the imposition on currants, ‘Bate’ and ‘Bates’ were considered interchangeable.

This is interchangeable with the regular back, is provided with ground glass for focusing and takes double plate holders.

A plate adapter (extra) with focusing screen, interchangeable with the regular back, will permit the use of dry plates if desired.

As the initials J and T were in old times interchangeable, there is no doubt but this is the person mentioned in the list of 1835.

The word, with Brown, was a convenience, or an interchangeable term.

But of knowledge there is no satiety, but satisfaction and appetite are perpetually interchangeable.