Interchanges [noun]

Definition of Interchanges:

switch, exchange

Synonyms of Interchanges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interchanges:


Sentence/Example of Interchanges:

A portion of the interchange fee is paid to Zeta, and a portion goes to your bank.

“This interchange was relatively balanced at first,” says Juan Carrillo, a paleobiologist at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.

We don’t charge interchange fees, and the yield is all yours.

The features will include “Summon” as well as “Navigate on Autopilot,” a system that navigates a car from a highway on-ramp to off-ramp, including interchanges and making lane changes.

Brief as was this interchange of politenesses, it sufficed to knit together the souls of the seaman and the small boy.

The doctor is highly esteemed by the physicians of his system, who continually interchange calls with him.

Another day went by, enlivened only by an interchange of notes between Mr. Gryce and Miss Butterworth.

They corresponded up to the very end of Holbach's life and there was a constant interchange of friendly offices between them.

Just then a carriage drawn by two fine bays passed them, and there was an interchange of nods.

This was finally agreed to, and the interchange was effected by Schamyl in person.