Interconnected [adjective]

Definition of Interconnected:

connected, accompanying

Opposite/Antonyms of Interconnected:

Sentence/Example of Interconnected:

In trying to imagine our octagon with four right angles, we work inside those interconnected rules.

Most are interconnected, meaning that one event—such as a nuclear detonation—is likely to trigger others, like water and food crises, economic depression, and world war.

Near the front of the beetle, around its vital organs, the ridges are highly interconnected — almost like zipper teeth.

To limit opportunities for the coronavirus to spread, Van Vliet’s Space Contingency Working Group divided the campus buildings, many of which are interconnected, into 13 clusters, and essentially cut them off from each other.

The three evolutions that primaries have made since July — with regard to mail voting, turnout and problems with voting — are, of course, interconnected.

Moreover, they are throughout so interconnected that an advance in one field of interest will lead to progress in general.

They are reasonable effects of reason in so far as the latter is not an isolated part, but interconnected with the universe.

Afranio's instrument consists, he states, of two bassons as it were interconnected by tubes and blown by bellows.

Now, these two rivers and the Mississippi River are interconnected in east-central Louisiana.

Likewise, magic is founded on the harmony of the universe; it acts by means of the forces which are interconnected by sympathy.