Interdependent [adjective]

Definition of Interdependent:

shared, common

Synonyms of Interdependent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interdependent:

Sentence/Example of Interdependent:

This makes all the physical sciences interdependent, despite the fact that each is independent of the others.

To a certain extent, one is not prepared to say how far, the military and social crises are interdependent.

His next objective were two cities called Ora and Bazira, which were obviously close together and interdependent.

On the contrary, he could be very serious when his hobby of paper-making, with its many interdependent industries, was mentioned.

It is not perceived as a general essence, but only through interdependent phenomena.

The “purse and the sword” are respectively the resource and defense of government and peoples, and they are interdependent powers.

But these early settlements were merely isolated towns, which were not interdependent;—scarcely more than trading posts.

It was the one last improvement that enabled interdependent nations to handle themselves and to hold together.

Society is so interdependent that thousands are affected seriously by every derangement of industry.

One is a form of independent being; the other is a formula of description and calculation of interdependent changes.