Interests [noun]

Definition of Interests:

attraction, curiosity

Opposite/Antonyms of Interests:

Sentence/Example of Interests:

On the heels of Lululemon’s major acquisition of Mirror, which it announced in late June, moderator Jordan Crook inquired whether Fabletics had its own interests in expanding its footprint beyond activewear.

I strongly believe this adjustment is in the best interest of the Patrick Henry Sideline Cheer Club and its students.

After a rush of investor interest the day of the IPO, traders tend to sell off shares for a quick profit on day two.

If Democrats do well in November, pressure will be overwhelming on members of Congress to deliver in key ways for interest groups that supported them.

I ask that with a certain level of personal interest because I was also the family cook growing up.

Too much money and too many powerful government and community interests are tied up in its production.

The Bruce effect works because it’s in the best interests of both the male and the female mouse.

Sort your targeting by demographic data, interests, or even geography to find your ideal audience, then pair those audiences with “in-market” segments to ensure you’re targeting shoppers who are looking to buy.

A provision of the CARES Act boosted the tax break on interest paid by businesses, meaning Transdigm could shave its tax rate even more.

Crook built more breakout and networking sessions into each day’s programming too, and the events team added product features to connect attendees with similar interests.