Interfacing [verb]

Definition of Interfacing:

mix, merge

Opposite/Antonyms of Interfacing:

Sentence/Example of Interfacing:

If the bottom of a coat sleeve is to be left open at the back or slashed, an interfacing of light weight canvas will be necessary.

Direct data channels can be valuable for interfacing to magnetic disks, drums, and tapes.

The cost of interfacing depends greatly on the particular computer.

Conveniently, it requires standard Teletype interfacing, and it can be ordered with an optional keyboard.

Standardized input-output bus structures designed to simplify interfacing to computers have recently been developed.

Such people are very valuable, especially if they are also competent to do interfacing of new devices.

No one should misconstrue this comparison, meant only to illustrate the constitutive nature of the experience of interfacing.