Interference [noun]

Definition of Interference:

meddling, impedance

Synonyms of Interference:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interference:

Sentence/Example of Interference:

This kind of deep engagement is what it will take to affirm our collective commitment to participatory democracy, despite the renewed threat of interference at the polls.

We need a global democratic alliance to set norms, rules, and guidelines for technology companies and to agree on protocols for cross-border digital activities including election interference, cyberwar, and online trade.

The problem with GPS is that those signals are extremely weak by the time they reach Earth, and are easily overwhelmed by either accidental interference or electronic warfare.

After the revelation, one senator resigned and the government passed a law targeting foreign interference.

“It protects against political interference — it’s important,” Sharfstein said.

Senator Patty Murray from Washington mentioned that she was pushing for the formation of a task force to investigate “political interference into our public health agencies.”

Zuckerberg said Facebook had removed more than 100 networks worldwide engaging in such interference over the last few years.

Decoherence is the process by which interference from the environment causes them to gradually lose their quantum behavior and any information that was encoded in them.

Everything from truly fake news to bot-driven media to foreign interference.

On Louis thanking the minister for his generous interference, Sinzendorff took his hand.