Interferer [noun]

Definition of Interferer:

person who trespasses

Synonyms of Interferer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interferer:


Sentence/Example of Interferer:

You've been an officious interferer, and I think the sooner I get you out o' Pymeut the healthier it'll be for you.

The world-old advice to the would-be interferer might be for those of less thought, less tact.

This great interferer not only lessens the beauty of any voice, but directly affects the organ itself.

Decker, just how he never knew, squirmed past the single interferer, and tackled the runner firmly about the hips.

Still he did not look round at this interferer, and he did not even glance at Walter.

He scorned barter by abandoning his property whenever the interferer appeared.

He was "an easy-going gentleman, good pay, and no interferer."

Many times this reaching enables an end to grasp his man even though a clever interferer break the force of his tackle.

Without relaxing his holds, Joe turned upon this interferer.

This lean cold-eyed interferer was a hardy fool who needed a lesson.