Interfering [adjective]

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However, many schools did open with more than two classrooms, so Silverman said she is rewriting parts of the legislation so it doesn’t interfere with students already in school.

They were unable to do this since it interfered with the DA’s investigatory duties.

The planned slaughter—17 million animals were to be gassed and either incinerated or buried in mass graves—generated global interest last week amid concerns that a Covid mutation that started in Danish mink farms might interfere with vaccine efforts.

Zuckerberg said Facebook sees continued attempts to interfere in its service from Russia and other countries, especially Iran and China.

That means you cannot simply dismantle them, and might also mean that people shouldn’t interfere with their pursuing their goals.

When the atoms’ two locations were brought back together, the atoms interfered with themselves in a way that precisely revealed their relative acceleration.

Seventy-eight percent of respondents to Female Founders Fund’s survey said menopause had interfered with their lives to some degree, and only 36% said they felt prepared for menopause.

"It is more clear than ever that there is still an effort to interfere with an accurate count," said Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, adding that she saw political motives at work.

Delivering compelling visuals across a website is critical to achieving the desired call to action for a site visitor, but it’s often technical details that interfere with a brand’s visual storytelling efforts.

Many of the agency’s scientists held the traditional public health view that border closures interfere with the movement of medical personnel and goods.