Interiors [noun]

Definition of Interiors:

center, core

Synonyms of Interiors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interiors:

Sentence/Example of Interiors:

He was happy in an Indian jungle or an African swamp, but civilized interiors seemed to sadden him.

The interiors are gilt, often furnished with detachable plates and sometimes set with brilliants.

There was another sound she got to know and recognize, after a while, the grumbling and rumbling of their interiors.

A good many such timepieces were made for the interiors of churches or for their steeples.

The blood-red interiors of drying fish—rackfuls of them turned wrong side out—are the only bit of color in all Alaska.

One side of each cube was open, exposing the hollow interiors of the two cubical chambers.

So it is said by some in the heavens; and by the marrows they mean the interiors of the mind and body.

The interiors and exteriors of the mind, of which the angels told us, are devised fictions.

There are real appearances and appearances unreal; the unreal appearances are those which do not correspond to the interiors.

The doors of both chambers stood open; but the interiors, though showing signs of recent occupancy, were deserted.