Interlace [verb]

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Both these aspects interlace in one Life-process; the unity is present in the manifold, and the ultimate present in the intimate.

The manner in which the warp and filling threads interlace with each other is known as the weave.

Notice that the warp and filling interlace in such a way that there is no trace of the diagonal on the face of the cloth.

The sermon should be constructed to fit the man; argument and emotion should not stand apart, but dovetail and interlace.

If we interlace merriness with earnest matters, pardon us, good reader.

Now with the raffia weave in and out, interlace the thread at the corners, and draw it tight enough to hold the splints in place.

The Foraminifera are sometimes named Reticularia, because their pseudopodia interlace.

The sides are formed by dentated horseshoe arches which interlace and enclose each other in a beautiful complication.

Opponents interlace their fingers behind each other's necks and endeavor in this position to pull the other across a center line.

Of course it will take several trials before the lines will interlace pleasantly, and the tools fit in.