Interlocked [verb]

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They in turn, as they grow, interlock their boughs, and repeat in a season or two the same process of mutual suffocation.

Both are navigable streams, and their head waters interlock with Grand river, or Washtenong, which flows into lake Michigan.

Some of its head waters interlock with those of Tippecanoe, a prominent tributary of the Wabash.

Different tariffs may interlock with complicated cross references.

On the edges of the barbs are set the barbules, which interlock with those of adjacent barbs, and thus give strength to the vane.

When the coil has been wound around four or five times, the stitches will be seen to interlock and form a spiral.

The foregoing descriptions show how singularly the affinities of the several varieties interlock in the most complicated manner.

The teeth on the edges of the halves interlock like the teeth of a trap, and the insect is caught and imprisoned.

Mrs. Hancock examined the flat pasteboard cut so that the corners would interlock.

This year were going to try hard for a well-rounded team of hard workers, fellows who will interlock and gear together.