Interlocking [verb]

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It’s a technique that uses a wooden dowel to greatly strengthen a mortise and tenon joint, transforming it from a joint that relies only on glue adhesion into one that has a permanent and mechanical interlock.

The cables connecting them were of 21⁄2 lock steel wire covered with interlocking strands.

For how many years have they stood thus interlocking their strong boughs like brethren!

Unfortunately, Dr. Sprague cannot abide anything that is not laid out as neat as an interlocking tile floor.

Presently he clasped them in front of him, interlocking his fingers, one thumb meanwhile chasing another.

The frame was simply two strong crotches set firmly in the ground at a distance of eight feet apart, and interlocking at top.

The joint is an interlocking one so arranged that, once the chair is glued up, no motion of the side rail can be possible.

The pedicle can then be secured with a series of interlocking ligatures.

Most buildings were roofed in cone-shaped, interlocking, or flat tiles.

Hence the lines of suture become toothed, the points of the teeth facing each other, and not interlocking.