Interlopers [noun]

Definition of Interlopers:

person who intrudes, meddles

Synonyms of Interlopers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interlopers:


Sentence/Example of Interlopers:

Just how successful these ideas would be in practice depends on cost, technological capability, the size and composition of the interloper and, critically, how much time we have.

If a short-season interloper takes them down, it will be just one more instance of baseball wriggling free of even the best-laid plans.

How should he rid himself of this rival, this obstacle in the way of his well-laid plans, this interloper into his caravan?

The high-spirited North Italians resent such intrusion, and some of them threaten to cut to pieces the interloper.

She must have her standing from the very beginning, and she fancied Elizabeth was inclined to consider her a sort of interloper.

How could the pretty young mother know that this grizzled interloper was the child of whom she was in search?

Why should he be called upon to endure that interloper always in sight,—never to feel master in his own house?

I was inclined to look upon you, Duncan—you won't mind my telling you now—as a bit of a deliberate interloper!

An interloper or two now and again is very useful, so as to keep up appearances.

It is insufferable that we should have another disappointment from an interloper.