Intermarriages [noun]

Definition of Intermarriages:

interracial marriage

Synonyms of Intermarriages:

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Sentence/Example of Intermarriages:

The rights of intermarriage and of trade existed between all the cities of the league.

Coxcoxtli was proud of such allies, their petitions were granted, and the two nations were also connected by intermarriage.

Amalgamation is a biological process, the fusion of races by interbreeding and intermarriage.

The charge made by the mob against the clergyman was that he had preached “race equality” and “intermarriage.”

This seems to be the limit of the intermixture; since, between the Malays and Negroes, &c., there is but little intermarriage.

Nephews and cousins bearing the same name had succumbed to intermarriage and degeneracy, yet the main stem had grown straight.

But this is due to intermarriage with other races, and where it is purest it displays the same general characteristics.

Intermarriage between the races has been made illegal by every Southern state and by some Northern states also.

Formally he was an orthodox Jew and set his face against intermarriage with the uncircumcised.

The class names eternally differentiate each generation from its predecessor, and eternally forbid their intermarriage.