Intermeddling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Intermeddling:

This committee are pointed at, as though they had been officiously intermeddling with the administration of justice.

They were strictly forbidden from intermeddling, under any pretext, with the discharge of civil or criminal justice.

He is guiltless of all intermeddling with the contents of books, but in their external attributes his learning is marvellous.

Wherever it was active the Bureau demoralized labor by arousing false hopes and by unnecessary intermeddling.

Lokman answered: “By always speaking the truth; keeping my word; and never intermeddling in affairs that did not concern me.”

The contests of the Greeks always afforded a pleasing opportunity to that powerful neighbor of intermeddling in their affairs.

This, one might imagine, would degenerate into an inquisitorial or intermeddling surveillance; but in practice it never did.

A man's quarrels with his wife always make me think of what the Scripture says about other folks not intermeddling.

Our diplomatic relations with them have always been and will continue to be free from intermeddling with their internal affairs.

This led the emperor to issue a counter-memorial inveighing against the intermeddling of France.