Interment [noun]

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They will remain at half-staff until sunset on the day of his interment.

The first interment in the cemetery of Pere la Chaise; it was laid out and prepared by order of Bonaparte.

The date was fixed for the interment with military pomp, and immense crowds came out to witness the imposing procession.

As I was wondering at this marvellous spectacle Urania told me this was their usual mode of interment and resurrection.

Certainely!And from this prison twas the sonnes requestThat his deare father might interment haue.

He remained until the interment was completed, when he returned home with those who attended the funeral.

So now we, the living, took up our places almost upon the bodies of the dead, after giving these the best interment possible.

Four years more, and then another interment in the Chiswick sepulchre.

Yet nobody dreams of saying that the poets describe a purely fanciful form of interment.

The interment then took place according to the ritual of the Church.