Intermingled [verb]

Definition of Intermingled:

blend, mix

Synonyms of Intermingled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intermingled:

Sentence/Example of Intermingled:

All over the world the just claims of organized labor are intermingled with the underground conspiracy of social revolution.

The houses are intermingled with trees, and the country very prettily planted.

The blood intermingled a moment, then they rubbed noses and each repeated the word: "Blood-brother," three times.

The soil is clayey, and thinly bestrewed with alpine grass, intermingled with syngenesious and cruciferous plants.

Their history is considerably intermingled; but the latter, from the design of this work, will claim our chief attention.

His body, which was nearly naked, presented a terrific emblem of death, drawn in intermingled colors of white and black.

Their owners, descendants of the Spaniards intermingled with the native races, possess many of the characteristics of the Arab.

Its past is closely intermingled with Florentine and Italian history, and indeed has been most interesting.

The whole séance is thus seen to have been a web of intermingled truth and falsehood.

Wit and politics have strangely intermingled all society, good and bad!