Intermix [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Intermix:

When taken young, they are soon rendered familiar, but they will not intermix with the domestic hogs.

Some of them have been reared in France, and they will intermix and produce with the common hogs.

Is it improper and unsafe to intermix the different powers of government in the same body of men?

Herein seems a sufficient root for river-names, but there is another which is apt to intermix, Sansc.

You may fuse iron, vaporise water, intermix the gases; but the molecules of all change little in such metamorphosis.

There is another stem gaud, supposed to mean Goth, very liable to intermix.

It is very apt to intermix with another stem an, to which I formerly placed a few names which I think should come in here.

This is the area where the aboriginal Indian and the Tibetan most intermix.

And if it be lawful to intermix our discourse with fables, it is said that Adonis was slain by a boar.

This objection will vanish when we intermix with them, and boldly efface every distinction.