Internecine [adjective]

Definition of Internecine:

involving conflict within a group

Synonyms of Internecine:

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Sentence/Example of Internecine:

You have come just in time to save us, most likely, from an internecine strife which might have ruined us all.

The Kingdom thus distracted by internecine troubles was an easy prey to the conquering Napoleon.

An internecine conflict between the disputants seemed to be inevitable.

The portents in 1896 were vastly more dangerous than those of 1860, when peace and internecine war hung in the balance.

The internecine struggle was that of rival nations and creeds.

He may think that any hint of internecine strife will weaken his prestige.

Suffice it to say here that during this long internecine war each achieved victories and each suffered defeats.

It was the signal given for the internecine war which was to follow between Rome and Elizabeth.

The result has been a constant internecine war in the Church, by which Freethought has largely profited.

That he is doomed for ever to be the slave of his own needs, enforced by an internecine struggle for existence?