Interpersonal [adjective]

Definition of Interpersonal:

between persons

Synonyms of Interpersonal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interpersonal:

Sentence/Example of Interpersonal:

Sharing real-time event updates is also a great strategy, mostly because events are a significant source of leads for many businesses, and 85% of them consider interpersonal meetings central to their marketing plan.

The intention to care, to nurture the other as caring, is expressed in interpersonal ways as well as in technological competence.

Thus problem solving involves both the physical world and the interpersonal world.

Many ordinary problems involve not only physical, concrete parts but also interpersonal elements.

Students should have strategies for managing interpersonal relationships, both good and bad.

Character traits and values are discussed in the section on interpersonal relationships.

On the other hand, we know that a strong interpersonal relationship is necessary for hypnosis.

The main purpose of social work is to help people cope with stress from interpersonal or social problems.

"Interpersonal relationships within the office framework," a teacher—Mr. Greystone?