Interplay [noun]

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Their result provides mathematicians with a new understanding of the interplay between order and randomness in graphs, which are of fundamental interest in mathematics.

The critical point is the interplay and sync between oscillations.

In the new study, Winkelmann and her colleagues simulated how future temperature increases can lead to changes across Antarctica in the interplay between ice, oceans, atmosphere and land.

This year, it rolled out a subscriber-only newsletter for eager Economist fans, delving into how each Economist cover is chosen, exposing the interplay between editors and cover designers.

John Coates probably knows more than anyone else about the interplay between hormones and financial markets.

This constant interplay of the one life between teacher and students will draw them ever nearer to each other.

Here, then, we already find a mutual interplay between ideas of human and conceptions of animal ancestors.

And there is a constant interplay going on between the various parts of the body.

You are resolved that your course should dramatise the whole play and interplay of force and matter.

One is impressed by the striking interplay of emotion with sheer nature.