Interpolates [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Interpolates:

I love it when interpolated G-funk goes for higher stakes and realizes it fullest destiny as warrior music.

At this point we should interpolate the reason why Hercules went against the Amazons.

I will interpolate here an account of a typical trial of a new boat, using an E boat of the early 1916 vintage as an illustration.

All members of the company had been warned that to interpolate lines or "business" meant a fine or worse.

He was also told to interpolate the series with a 'blank', that is, to think of nothing at all.

No matter how timid one may be, still it is necessary to interpolate.

And as a practical rule, we reach this conclusion that we have the right to interpolate.

At this point I may very rightly interpolate a remark which has not a little explanatory value.

When, in place of the hold, the movement continues, it is necessary to interpolate a full measure in place of the hold.

I leave to the editor's judgment whether to interpolate these facts in the text, or as notes, or under appendices.