Interpolation [noun]

Definition of Interpolation:

something new; something that begins

Opposite/Antonyms of Interpolation:

Sentence/Example of Interpolation:

The chief objection is the implied crossing of the sea during the migration from Tulan, which may be an interpolation.

These facts are not due to inconsistent interpolation of corslets into the work of this post-Christian poet Quintus.

However, it is certainly remarkable that the interpolation was not made by one of the interpolators of critical theory.

Cauer remarks that the possibility of "interpolation" "began only after the fixing of the text by Pisistratus."

This entry is an interpolation in a list of mayors and sheriffs in a different handwriting.

It has, however, been contended with great probability that the whole passage is a tenth century interpolation.

Much of what follows in the original Sanscrit poem is either episodical or comparatively recent interpolation.

As to the second, it is an interpolation requisite to the effect of the others; and will be explained in its proper place.

Text rearranged according to theories of interpolation: Finnsburg Fragment translated, following Mller's text.

Still, if the passage be an interpolation, this must have taken place early in the history of the poems.