Interposition [noun]

Definition of Interposition:

meddling, impedance

Synonyms of Interposition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interposition:

Sentence/Example of Interposition:

The interposition of saints next came to be deemed essential, and again with the most conflicting results.

The right of State interposition strikes at the very foundation of the legislative power of Congress.

Here is a plain interposition, by physical force, to resist the laws of the Union.

There is nothing else in it which ought to call for this interposition.

The tumult was appeased by the venerable interposition of Turisund.

Xerxes had remembered his obligations to Demaratus for this interposition.

Like the telegraph as intended by Morse, there was the interposition of typesetting before a message could be sent.

Hagar, in adopting this language, expressed her grateful sense of the divine interposition.

This, from him, so unexpectedly apposite, had the effect upon her of a Providential interposition.

Mme. Fauvel is saved, and by the interposition of God, who has himself punished Clameran!