Interpretations [noun]

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But in the course of time the Avesta was subjected to many additions and interpretations, called the Zend, which show degeneracy.

And I do not believe the woman lives who, given her choice of these two interpretations of the word, would not prefer the former.

In its exposition and daily use, they followed no interpretations of councils at variance with its plain import.

Finally, we have to take into consideration the various interpretations which are tenable of occurrences during childhood.

But this involves so many arbitrary interpretations, that it is impossible to speak of proof in any strict sense of the term.

Whatever he did, his passion for Cyrène coloured every thought and scene with an artist's imposition of its own interpretations.

The allegories of Freemasonry are equally capable of various interpretations.

How Atahualpa's defense suffered from Felippo's interpretations under such circumstances may easily be imagined.

The efforts to correct its false interpretations, have so marred its surface, that we can get no light from it.

The above interpretations throw much light on the obscurity of the animal worship of antiquity.