Interpretative [adjective]

Definition of Interpretative:


Opposite/Antonyms of Interpretative:


Sentence/Example of Interpretative:

As interpretative of thought, pauses should correspond mainly with the graphical marks of punctuation.

Again interpretative ordinances were called in to abrogate a portion of the law itself.

The author has intended to offer no more than a brief handlist of currently useful works with some interpretative comments.

This explanatory or interpretative stage or aspect of myth may be first historically, or it may not be.

The older children should be taught and exercised in literary reading, the simple interpretative reading of their literature.

I also plunged headlong into a series of interpretative essays for Heywood Sampson's forthcoming review.

Their arms and bodies jerked in a most fascinating and interpretative manner.

It is then that, to use his own word, he is most "interpretative."

Loveliness requires certain vision, an interpretative spirit, and thus it is protected from the vulgar gaze.

No one works harder than I do to broaden my culture and interpretative skill.