Interpreters [noun]

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Voters with language access needs may require an interpreter to help them with their ballot.

Become an interpreterIf you speak another language, it’s possible you may be able to enroll as an interpreter at the polls.

Some voters may require an interpreter to help them with their ballot.

While interpreters the world over are likely to have faced similar difficulties, the live broadcast provided an especially stark contrast with Japan, where a recent debate for the leadership of the ruling party was an infinitely more staid affair.

That change came after officers failed to provide an interpreter to a deaf woman who was wrongfully arrested after her mother assaulted her.

Long before reason found the answer, instinct—swift, merciless interpreter—told him plainly.

The Patriarch went to him, and, with the help of an interpreter, did for him what pertained to his office as a good Pastor.

Several American officers were present on the occasion, accompanied by a Spanish half-caste who acted as their interpreter.

Lowell was frankly worried as he sped away from the agency with Plenty Buffalo and the interpreter.

"Plenty Buffalo wants to know if you noticed all the pony tracks," said the interpreter.