Interpreting [verb]

Definition of Interpreting:

make sense of; define

Synonyms of Interpreting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interpreting:

Sentence/Example of Interpreting:

But the rebels, presumably interpreting his humane suggestion as a sign of weakness, continued to fire on the Spanish troops.

But Classical Philology is much more than the science of understanding and interpreting the classical languages.

Carlyle interpreting young Luther's reflexion on the sudden death by his side of his friend Alexis.

What do you understand by "prestige" in interpreting control through leadership?

"A bonnie rifle she is," said he, as if interpreting the admiring look Daly bestowed upon a richly ornamented gun.

I was determined to see everything that he saw, and, if possible, to prevent his interpreting it in the wrong way.

Indeed, he was as quick at interpreting brief messages as people have grown in these latter days of telegraphic communication.

In interpreting the racial history of this motive we have seen that it is dynamic; it develops in response to biological demands.

She was afraid to listen long, afraid of what this communicating, interpreting murmur might do with her reason.

The gift or art of interpreting dreams originated, at least so it is said, among the Chaldeans and Egyptians.